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NCAA approves instant video reviews for shot-clock violations ...

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved allowing officials to conduct instant replay reviews in scenarios where they call a possession dead due to a shot-clock violation.

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When the shot clock reaches zero, the buzzer and red lights go off to signal a possible shot clock violation. A shot clock violation is a type of turnover that results in the other team getting the ball. A shot clock violation will be called on a team if the following does not happen when the shot clock reaches zero: the ball has not hit the rim; a score has not been made; a change of possession has not been made; A shot clock violation results in a turnover.

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The offensive team must attempt to score a field goal before the shot clock expires; otherwise, the team has committed a shot clock violation (also known as a 24-second violation in leagues with a 24-second shot clock) that results in a turnover to their opponents. An important distinction is that there is no violation if the ball is in flight to the basket when the shot clock expires, as long as the ball leaves the player's hand before the shot clock expires and the ball proceeds to go into ...

Teams take 24-second shot clock violations in Kobe Bryant's honor

Nearly every team playing across Sunday's eight-game schedule -- not long after it was learned that Bryant died in a helicopter crash at age 41 -- took a planned shot clock violation. Teams took ...

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Shot clock. FIBA: 24 seconds; NBA: 24 seconds; WNBA: 24 seconds; Backcourt violation. FIBA: 8 seconds; NBA: 8 seconds; WNBA: 8 seconds; Game clock stoppages after successful field goal. FIBA: The last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter and each overtime period

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“The shot clock eliminates the possibility of a team running a spread offense, also known as stalling.” Adsit said that a 30-second shot clock has always been in effect for girls in her state. Washington schools adopted NFHS basketball rules for girls in the early 1980s, but it continued to use the shot clock based upon prior arrangements.

The 5 Biggest NCAA Basketball Tournament Controversies ...

Wisconsin got back on level terms with Kentucky, but the Wildcats players were screaming about a shot clock violation. The officials didn’t heed to Kentucky’s pleads, but replays later showed that Wisconsin had violated the shot clock as Hayes released the ball after the timer had expired.

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FIBA reduced the shot clock to 24 seconds in 2000, and changed the clock's resetting to when the ball touched the rim of the basket. Originally, a missed shot where the shot clock expired while the ball is in the air constituted a violation. In 2003 the rule was changed so that the ball remains live in this situation, as long as it touched the rim. If the ball touches the rim and slightly bounces over the basketball hoop it will be called as a loose ball. Fouls, free throws and violations

NCAA basketball rules committee approves more replays for out ...

The NCAA men's basketball rules committee couldn't get enough support to even vote on reducing the 35-second shot clock but introduced more replay at the end of regulation and overtime for out-of ...